Positive Intervention Programme

Written by
Alan Mairs
Positive Intervention Programme

Sacro’s pilot Positive Intervention Programme is coming towards the end of its first year working with men with abusive behaviour, in Glasgow and North Ayrshire. 
The programme is aimed at men whose abusive behaviour towards their female partner has not yet resulted in them being charged or prosecuted. This allows the programme to engage with men across the whole spectrum of abusive behaviour and does not concentrate wholly on violence. 
The voluntary Positive Intervention Programme does not operate as an alternative to prosecution instead it adopts an early intervention model in the hope of tackling abuse at an earlier stage. Sacro staff deliver a Cognitive-Behavioural programme which consists of one-to-one work with men and a group learning environment. The group work sessions build on the participants shared experiences and behaviours, the dynamics and relationships within the group are used to support and challenge the men over their abuse. 
ASSIST, the specialist domestic abuse advocacy service provides support and advice to women whilst their partners are on the Positive Intervention Programme.
Positive Intervention Programme Service Team Leader, James Forbes said: “As our group work programme in Glasgow comes to is conclusion we can see a real change in these men and their perception of and accountability for their behaviour. 
“We have had excellent attendance and participation from group members. Participants’ partners have reported seeing positive changes in their behaviour. 
“We hope to have a second group starting in a few weeks when our current group move into the ‘maintenance’ phase of the programme. We plan to continue to build on the positive start that we have made and to work with more men in order to help them behave in a non-abusive way.”
One of the participants on the programme recently said; “It’s not something I thought I would get much out of but I’m glad I’ve given it a go. It is tough thinking about how you behaved and it’s not an easy ride at all but they (workers) do it in a way that helps you try to look forward and try to be a better dad, husband and man.” 
Positive Intervention Programmes accepts referrals from its funders, Police Scotland as well as self-referrals and third party referrals from other agencies such as Social Work services. 
To find out more about the Positive Intervention Programme visit our website page or contact Glasgow office on infoglasgow@sacro.org.uk or telephone: 0141 248 1763.