Promoting Restorative Justice during International Restorative Justice Week (17 to 24 November 2013)

Written by
Alan Mairs
Youth Restorative Conference

Sacro are pleased to take the opportunity of International Restorative Justice week to highlight services. Sacro has been at the forefront of developing restorative practices across Scotland since the 1980’s and currently provide services across many areas in Scotland for adults and young people.

Restorative Justice provides opportunities for those harmed by offences and those responsible for the harm to take part in a safe process, where they can communicate about what happened and how amends might be made for the harm caused.

Research on restorative justice suggests that the process does lead to a range of positive outcomes in meeting some fundamental needs of those who participate: the need of those harmed to ask questions and to feel safe; the opportunity for those responsible to make amends or explain what happened.

Follow these links for further information on our youth and adult restorative justice services.