Sacro and Asda link up in Aberdeen

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Alan Mairs
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Asda "green tokens"

Sacro has been chosen by Asda as one of three Aberdeen-based organisations participating in their “Chosen By You, Given By Us” token scheme at their Aberdeen Beach store. The three groups chosen are promoted for two months at a time and customers drop their green tokens into the box(es) to indicate the cause they feel is most deserving. The group which receives the most green tokens from shoppers will then receive the top cash prize with smaller prizes for the runners up.

The scheme is part of Asda’s “Community Life” project which aims to create stronger links between the supermarket giant’s individual stores and the local community they serve. Aeryn McCann, Community Life Champion for the Asda Aberdeen Beach store explained: “The idea behind Community Life is to make our community a better and safer place to live by bringing about long term changes. We want to get families involved in their own community and build relationships between Asda and local organisations that need our help.

“Community Life is not just about giving money but also about the giving of time. Much of my job takes place outside of the store working directly with local organisations. This can be spent in any way that benefits the community. I am always looking to further diversify the groups that receive help from Asda, either through my time, or use of our facilities”.

Sacro will maintain links with the store by way of an information session on Sacro services in the store foyer, provisionally scheduled for March 2015 and consideration being given to reciprocal volunteering opportunities.