Sacro project challenges sectarianism and hate crime

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Sacro welcomes the Scottish Government’s continued commitment to tackling sectarianism and hate crime by increasing its funding for projects working to eradicate intolerance.

Sacro’s STOP service will benefit from the current round of funding to continue its diversion from prosecution service for those charged with a first-time sectarian or hate crime offence. The service uses a programme which has been designed to educate and rehabilitate offenders to ensure positive, achievable and sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviours. STOP also delivers awareness-raising group work in prisons and young offender’s institutes to prevent further hate crimes being committed. Participation in the programme is voluntary and criminal charges are still subject to the criminal justice process.

Commenting on the funding, Sacro Chief Executive, Tom Halpin said:
“Wherever it occurs, sectarianism and intolerance shames our communities and has no place in a modern society. Whether on the streets, in homes, places of worship or football terraces, abusing someone because of their race, colour or beliefs is abhorrent and I am delighted Sacro is playing its part in working to drive out these behaviours”.