Sacro renews its commitment to mediation in Scotland

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Sacro has underlined its long-standing commitment to foster, encourage, and support the use of mediation in Scotland by adding its signature to the Mediation Charter. Launched earlier this year by Scottish Mediation, the Charter is a public statement of an organisation’s willingness to use mediation as a way of resolving disputes, and to equip its people with the skills needed to apply the practice.

Sacro has a long history in the delivery of mediation, with Scotland’s first community mediation service established by Sacro some 25 years ago. Through its consultancy and training service, Sacro has informed the development of community mediation services within many local authorities and has trained over 1000 people in mediation and conflict resolution since 1999. Today, Sacro delivers mediation across several local authorities, including Fife where it has – in collaboration with the council – developed a new, multi-disciplinary approach to assisting those in conflict.

Sacro’s Chief Executive Annie Mauger-Thompson signed the Charter on behalf of the organisation, and added:

“Sacro continues to value mediation as a way to resolve conflict, whether it is between neighbours, tenants and landlords, or in the workplace. By signing this Charter, Sacro supports Scottish Mediation’s initiative in this, the Year of Mediation”.