Sacro welcomes flexibility in prisoner release

Written by
Alan Mairs

New prisoner release arrangements have been announced today by the Scottish Government that will allow more targeted access to health, housing and other services to help prisoners integrate back into the community and reduce the risk of re-offending.

Sacro and other agencies have highlighted that this can be a problem for people, leaving custody near the weekend when there can be limited access to services.

Paolo Mazzoncini, Director of Operations at Sacro, said: “Sacro welcomes this proposal, which enhances prisoner release arrangements and promotes community safety. The hours following release from prison can be critical in determining whether a person desists from offending or marches straight back into trouble. Being able to access important support services immediately following release greatly improves the chances of successful offender reintegration. By introducing a greater and defined flexibility to prison release arrangements, we believe this valuable access will be improved.”

You can read the full Government press release on the Bill here