Scottish Justice Matters

Written by
Alan Mairs

The Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice (SCCCJ) have just published the second edition of Scottish Justice Matters on the theme of Desistance. SJM is available to download for free from the journal website or viewed online at Printed copies of Scottish Justice Matters can also be ordered on demand at a cost from MagCloud.

The Desistance issue features the following articles:

  • Editorial: Fergus McNeill asks if we can imagine ways to escape the contradictions between penal aspirations and realities. Can we reform criminal justice so that justice is done while change is also nurtured and supported?

  • Discovering Desistance: reconfiguring criminal justice? Article by: Fergus McNeill, Stephen Farrall, Claire Lightowler and Shadd Maruna

  • The Wirral Desistance Project: seeing beyond the risk agenda in probation practice. Article by: Rosie Goodwin, Jan Tuncer and Jason Nickeas

  • Reframing Custody. Article by: Colin McConnell, Jim Carnie and Hazel Mehta

  • The Importance of Social Relations in Personal Change. Article by: Beth Weaver

  • Putting The Pieces Together. Article by: Cara Jardine

  • A Ray Of Light? Women offenders, mentoring and desistance. Article by: Alan Mairs and Heather Tolland

  • Desistance: Theory and Reality. Article by: Pete White and colleague from Positive Prison? Positive Futures?

  • Desistance and Young People. Article by: Briege Nugent and Pamela Barnes


  • Take Five. Leading MSPs respond to our asking: What can the Scottish Government do to make it more likely than at present for people with criminalconvictions to stay out of trouble?

  • Victims' Rights. Article by: Frida Wheldon

  • A New Childrens' Panel for Scotland. Article by: Bernadette Monaghan

  • We have the will and the way, so what's stopping us from reducing re-offending? Article by: John Downie

  • The Scottish Electronic Monitoring Consultation: Asking the Right Questions. Article by: Mike Nellis

  • Visiting My Son In Prison. Article written by a mother.

  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: learning from William Brebner. Article by: Andrew Coyle

  • Pas de Problème: the oldest problem solving court is French and desistance orientated. Article by: Martine Herzog-Evans

  • Book review: Policing Scotland (2nd edition) (2011), D.Donnelly and K.Scott (eds), London: Routledge (1MB) Reviewed by Diarmaid Harkin.

  • Interview: David Strang talks to Nancy Loucks about his new role as Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland.