Using beekeeping to help veterans' recovery

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Our Veteran’s Mentoring Service is about to embark on the new and exciting challenge of beekeeping!

The idea originated during a visit to Sacro by author Alexander McCall Smith CBE FRSE when it was brought to his attention that one of the people using our service – who was present at the time – mentioned that he looked after the beehives while in prison.

Mr McCall Smith suggested that this may be something worth developing by the service to help build the confidence and self-esteem of veterans using the service. He was so impressed by the enthusiasm on display that he offered to fund the set-up of the project.

The plans for the project are now well under way. Due to the seasonal aspect of beekeeping. it will be March/April 2021 before things come to fruition.

The project is being set up with the aim of providing a safe, remote setting for veterans to practice mindfulness, whilst looking after the bees. It will also provide an opportunity to spend time outdoors with mentors, who in turn are able to provide support and advice whilst embarking on new shared experiences throughout this journey.