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Sacro are Star Performers when it comes to diversity

Posted on 13th October 2017
Sandy Cameron, Sacro Chair; Angela Voulgari, Manager of Bright Choices; Andrew Philip, Sacro Director of Corporate Services, Aaron Slater, Manager of Fearless domestic abuse service.

Sacro picked up the Diversity Star Performer award at last night’s Herald and GenAnalytics national Diversity Awards.

The award is given to organisations of fewer than 250 employees and asked for “outstanding commitment shown by a company who maximise all the talents in their workforce to benefit and grow their organisation. The winning organisation will be able to provide strong evidence of active policies for promoting diversity and a strong track record of hiring and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds”.

Did you know...

Scottish Prison Service figures show a 1% fall in the average prison population between 2014-15 and 2015-16.

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In 2013-14, Scottish police forces recorded 374 offences in which a firearm was alleged to have been involved, an increase of 2% from 2012-13.

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The average number of reconvictions per offender has decreased by 16% in the past decade.

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For those who are convicted in court and sentenced to custody, the average sentence in 2014-15 was around 285 days.

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Hate crime charges aggravated by religious prejudice rose by 3% to 581 in 2015-16.

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Hate crime charges reported which were aggravated by sexual orientation increased by 20% in 2015-16 to 1,020.

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There were 57 homicide victims recorded by the police in Scotland in 2015-16, a 52% decrease from 2006-07

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In 2015-16 there were 58,104 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland a decrease of 3.0% from 2014-15

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There were an estimated 688,000 crimes in 2014/15, a decrease of 16% since 2012/13, and by 34% since 2008/09

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The risk of being a victim of any crime is higher for adults living in the 15% most deprived areas (21.2%), compared to elsewhere in Scotland (13.4%)

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70% of Scots agree that community sentencing is an effective way of dealing with less serious crime

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On average, almost 20% of people in prison in Scotland are there without conviction. (p74)

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Recorded crime in Scotland is now at its lowest level since 1974

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