Sacro is in the midst of a new initiative; all about looking to the future: “Project 50”.

Sacro will be 50 years old in 2021 and we have come a long way since we were established ‘for the care and rehabilitation of offenders’. We offer many different services in the modern world and in a devolved Scotland.

Project 50 looks forward, starting a conversation about where we might grow and change, building on our core strengths and expertise. We are having this conversation both in the Sacro family with our Board members, employees, and volunteers, but also with friends and partners.

Project 50 combines the opportunity to mark the milestone of Sacro’s 50 years with the development of a new strategic plan and a clear profile and direction.

What are we looking at?


There are many views of what Sacro is and does. We will create a clear and simple picture of our mission, vision and values that means something to us all.


We work with so many different people now. People who have been in prison are only one group among many. We are identifying how we might best develop and grow whilst continuing to nurture a culture of kindness and excellence with the right structures and people to fulfil our purpose.


There are many misconceptions about what Sacro does and who we work with. We will be developing our brand to be fit for the future and to reflect who we are and what we offer, ensuring that we have a strong voice to promote and support change for the better.


We believe we are good partners to work with and we are looking to build in partnership working wherever we can. We will be planning our engagement and looking for new collaboration opportunities.


We are looking at the way we operate both nationally and locally and working on the best model for delivering our services in a post-Covid world.


We are looking to constantly improve and measure how well we are doing. We want to deliver excellence for the people we work with. We have expanded from our traditional services and we want to make sure we do everything to the same high standards.

What will be different?

A refreshed purpose:

Potentially a new mission, vision and values statement but more importantly a shared concept of this across the organisation; key things that we all agree that Sacro is about.

Strategic plan

A new five-year plan to deliver the agreed purpose and changes; one that will sustain our organisation well into the future.

Refreshed brand

A brand that reflects who we are today and is fit for the future. Delivering the message about our ambitions and values.

Annie Mauger-Thompson
Chief Executive