Making a positive difference since 1971

We’ve brought together some stories from people who have used our services over the years. In all instances, names have been changed to protect the individual's identity and photography used is for illustrative purposes only.

Kamsi contacted Sacro’s Aditi service for support and disclosed that her relationship was abusive. At this point she was still living with her abusive partner and consequently we immediately allocated an Aditi support worker.

Hi! I’m William and am proud to have been a Volunteer with Sacro for about six years now.

Simon, 18, was drunk when he stole his mum’s car and crashed it.

Four teenage boys were co-accused and referred to Sacro Fife Youth Justice Service by the Young Offenders Management Group for the offence of Vandalism.

Archie is the landlord of a privately rented tenement flat. He now lives and works in London and rents out his flat to a young professional couple – Jane and Michael.

Craig is a heterosexual male in his early 40s. He lives in Glasgow and is currently unemployed due to mental health issues and being in recovery from alcoholism.

Sean was referred to Sacro by his Criminal Justice Social Worker.

Anisa self-referred to Aura when she was in a very abusive and controlling relationship with her husband.

Muriel is a 48-year-old woman. She has been diagnosed with a Moderate Learning Disability and has been known to display behaviours that at times may be challenging.

Keith (14) was referred to Sacro’s Youth Justice Service from the Children’s Reporter as a diversion from the Children’s Hearing System.

Stephen is a lone parent to a five-year old daughter.

Greg is a 62-year-old former Royal Engineer.

Mark is a male youth who was referred by a football club following an incident at a football match where he was alleged to have shouted racial abuse at a player.

Max is in his thirties and was referred to Sacro’s Garden Project, unemployed, and having previously served a prison sentence.

John is in his thirties and served for four years in a Scottish Infantry Regiment. His time in the military was not memorable and he spent considerable time in conflict with the military authorities.