Community Safety and Public Protection

Keeping the public safe from harm, discrimination and conflict is crucial to ensuring Scotland is a place of safety, inclusiveness, and wellbeing for everyone. Sacro’s community safety services provide support to address and raise awareness of hate crime, intolerance and abusive behaviour targeted at specific communities due to race, colour, religion or sexual orientation. We work with victims of crime and discrimination to provide the support they need to live peacefully and safely. To keep the public safe, we provide intensive monitoring and support to manage the risk of further offending by people who are assessed as posing a risk within the community. As with all services, we support individuals by providing bespoke support plans linked to their risks and needs in order to reduce the risk of harm.

Craig's Story

Craig is a heterosexual male in his early 40s. He lives in Glasgow and is currently unemployed due to mental health issues and being in recovery from alcoholism.

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