Community Justice

Sacro provides a wide range of Community Justice Services, all of which are aimed at safeguarding communities and reducing offending within the community. These services work mainly with people charged with offences and their families to support and assist them in addressing the issues which cause, or may cause them to offend.

Scotland’s communities are at the centre of Sacro’s activities and our Community Justice services make up the vast majority of our activities.

Sean's Story

Sean was referred to Sacro by his Criminal Justice Social Worker.

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Community Payback Service

Our Community Payback Service works with people who have been involved in offending or anti-social behaviour. In partnership with the local authority, our officers supervise individuals placed on a Community Payback Order, giving them an opportunity to give something back to the community by providing a service of real benefit.

Bail Supervision Service

Sacro’s Bail Supervision Service works to prevent unnecessary custodial remands and re-offending on bail by providing supervision, monitoring and support (including tagging in some areas). These services provide courts with an effective alternative to remand, allowing the accused to remain in the community while undertaking offending behaviour work, and having access to other services at an early stage.


Our Throughcare staff support people on release from prison. This is often done by meeting them at the prison gate and arranging support with appointments, accommodation, health, employment and other issues that may need attention to help with the transition back to successful independent living.

Peer Support

Peer Support offers people subject to Community Sentences or Post-release licences the opportunity to be mentored by a support worker who has lived experience. The service is delivered by means of a mentoring approach, which is a way of helping and supporting individuals with many of the issues they might be facing both practically and emotionally.


STOP is a Scottish Government-funded service which tackles Sectarian and all other Hate Crime offending. The service is available to anyone aged 12 and over who has been charged with a first time and/or a low to moderate level Sectarian or Hate Crime offence. The service uses a programme which has been designed to educate and rehabilitate individuals to ensure positive, achievable and sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviours. The programme can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or to groups.

Garden Project

Sacro’s Garden Project offers adults a gardening pathway to social inclusion and employment. In partnership with Glasgow City Council, Land Environment Services and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Sacro are delivering the Garden Project in Bellahouston Demonstration Gardens and Tollcross Park. The project is delivered in three steps which are designed to ease individuals into a routine and gradually build confidence and skills. These steps introduce structure and motivation. Participants are supported and mentored by Sacro staff throughout.

1-to-1 Counselling

A professional, one-to-one Counselling Service is also available in some areas. Counselling helps people identify their problems and encourages a clearer  understanding of emotions, enabling them to take positive steps to move forward with their life.

Travel Service

Sacro can help Edinburgh and Lothian residents with travel to Scottish prisons and the State Hospital. One of our team of volunteer drivers can pick you up at your home, drive you to your visit and drive you back... at no cost. Maintaining contact with loved ones can lessen the impact of imprisonment on families and reduce the likelihood of re-offending on release.

You may be able to use this service if:

  • you are on a low income
  • you have additional needs
  • you have a disability
  • you are travelling with young children
Arrest Referral

The Arrest Referral Service engages with people at the point of arrest whose issue is linked to drug or alcohol misuse. By seeing the person as soon as they are arrested, Sacro can offer them a pathway into harm reduction, treatment, and rehabilitation services. Engagement is voluntary and not a formal part of the criminal justice process. Sacro workers offer the service daily to individuals within the Sheriff Court cells in addition to contacting those suggested by police assessment, post-release.

Diversion from Prosecution

Diversion from prosecution is a process by which the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) refer a case to social work – and their partners – as a means of addressing the underlying causes of alleged offending when this is deemed the most appropriate course of action Sacro provides support to help people through the process by means of a mentoring approach, which is a way of helping and supporting you with many of the issues you might be facing both practically and emotionally.

Custody Navigators

Sacro Custody Navigators work to reduce the number of people entering and re-entering custody in Fife. They help those who have offended tore-integrate back successfully and safely into the community. It is hoped that the service will enhance capacity for change, reduce harm caused by substance use or violence, improve overall wellbeing and stop the revolving door of imprisonment.

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature provides support to military veterans and their families though a range of activities.
These family-friendly activities run alongside Sacro's established gardening project. Forces of Nature encourages inter-generational pursuits that will develop a knowledge of horticulture, conservation and other outdoor activities.
The practical lessons, support and competitions will take place via webinars as well as face-to-face.
The service offers bespoke support which allows everyone to participate. Activities are adapted to suit individual needs with the aim of improving physical and mental wellbeing.


The Positive Outcomes Project Plus (POP+) is a unique, partnership-based outreach team that aims to break the cycle between addiction and offending. The service is delivered by Sacro in partnership with Police Scotland and Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership. POP Plus consists of team members with lived experience of addiction and the criminal justice system, who use their life, recovery, and work experience to engage with and provide support to both male and female detainees, within Greater Glasgow’s police custody cells. The team members ability to build rapport with detainees allows them to signpost them to agencies who can help tackle a whole range of issues such as addictions, anger management, homelessness, mental health & wellbeing, and welfare needs.


In partnership with South Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership and local Justice Services, Sacro provides a support service for people who have been arrested and charged by Police Scotland. To use the service, they should be resident in the South Lanarkshire area and have alcohol and/or drugs involved in any charges. AYE offers Arrest Referral, Diversion from Prosecution and Bail Supervision and Mentoring services. The team also offers expert help and advice as well as just someone to talk to. Referrals are accepted from police and justice services.


YourHome Housing Support is a partnership between Right There and Sacro, providing tailored and confidential support to people who are homeless or in danger of losing their home. The service also provides mediation, groupwork and preventative support to help people avoid a housing crisis. YourHome provides support to find, setup and and continue to live in suitable accommodation. The service can help people to avoid eviction or loss of accommodation as well as providing support in temporary accommodation.

Details on making a referral.


In partnership with South Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership and local housing services, Sacro provides a support service for South Lanarkshire residents who are serving short-term sentences in HMP Addiewell and looking to return to their local authority after release.
The Sacro Connect Team will engage and support people pre- and post-release with a specific focus on individuals who have alcohol and drug use experience.
Some of our key objectives will include encouraging change, building recovery/social capital and promoting desistance.
Along with key partners, Sacro Connect will provide support throughout the persons journey to make the transition back into their community as stress-free and empowering as possible.