Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) provides all parties involved in a crime (person harmed and person responsible) with an opportunity to explore what happened. RJ services are facilitated meetings which allow those harmed to ask questions and have a say in how they would like the harm caused by crime to be addressed. It also gives the person responsible for the harm a way to discuss the incident and hear the effect it has had on the person harmed. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Sacro offers a number of restorative justice services across Scotland and many Sacro services apply restorative practices to resolve conflict and address harm.

Restorative Justice.

Four teenage boys were co-accused and referred to Sacro Fife Youth Justice Service by the Young Offenders Management Group for the offence of Vandalism.

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Restorative Justice Forum Scotland

Sacro founded, and manages the Restorative Justice Forum Scotland. The Forum is independent of statutory agencies and the Scottish Government and seeks to work with key partners to promote the development of restorative justice within the statutory and voluntary sectors, and to encourage policy development.