Anisa’s Story

May 26, 2022
Images used are for illustrative purposes only and names of subjects have been changed

Anisa self-referred to Aura when she was in a very abusive and controlling relationship with her husband.

She was not aware of any help for her situation until she was charged with a Breach of Peace Domestic by Police. English is not Anisa’s first language therefore communication when dealing with sensitive matters must involve an interpreter. Anisa was very confused and frightened of what was going to happen to her.

On speaking to her Aura worker, it was quickly established that Anisa was the victim and had suffered years of torment, physical abuse and coercive control, not only from her husband but his extended family too. Anisa was unable to wear what she wanted, cut her hair or wear make-up and was under scrutiny with house chores and had no access to her own money. Anisa had no bank account of her own. Anisa’s daughter had also disclosed sexual abuse to her class teacher at school and Anisa was very distressed about the safety of her and her child. Anisa found a place of safety with her friend however this could only be temporary as her friend was expecting the arrival of some family members from abroad.

The Aura worker created a plan of action which included a referral to MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) to improve Anisa’s safety and reduce any further risk of harm. Housing services were also contacted as was assistance from a lawyer. Given the fact that Anisa was facing charges, it was deemed appropriate to contact the Procurator Fiscal to give context to Anisa’s case. The Police were also informed, and Aura supported her to give a timeline statement of historical abuse to the Domestic Abuse Unit. Anisa’s place of employment also assisted in securing further safety measures as well as a change of account details for her salary. There was concern over Anisa’s Spousal Visa so Aura contacted our colleagues in Hemat Gryffe Women’s Aid for this specialist subject and are now working in partnership to support Anisa with child benefit changes as well as her right to remain in the UK with her daughter.

One month after the referral to Aura, Anisa has a new tenancy and she has been housed close enough to receive her friends support. She has safely returned to work and her daughter continues to attend the same school. The Procurator Fiscal will review the information on Anisa’s case following the information shared and evidenced by Aura and it is hoped that the charges will be withdrawn. The ex-partner continues to be under investigation.

She has safely returned to work and her daughter continues to attend the same school.

Anisa met with the Aura worker to review the plan and our worker did not recognise her. Anisa had been to the hairdressers for a haircut and was able to purchase new clothes for her and her daughter. Aura also worked in partnership with Diamonds in the Community to source some furniture items and household goods for her new tenancy. Anisa will continue to engage with Aura around financial matters, Visa processes and Police interviews. However, she tells us that she is hopeful of a brighter future.

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