Louise's Story

May 26, 2022
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I am Louise Miller and have been working with the Aura service since June 2021.

I am Louise Miller and have been working with the Aura service since June 2021.

I was transferred over from another Domestic Abuse Service under TUPE. At first, this was a daunting experience, but on my very first day I was welcomed with open arms and instantly felt at ease. Everyone was lovely and very helpful.

I am currently a Domestic Abuse Support Worker within Aura,and my role involves supporting survivors of Domestic Abuse. My role is challenging, and no two days are the same. The support provided varies dependent on the service user. Everything is tailored to their support needs, providing guidance, and supporting the service user to make positive safe choices.

I have supported service users to exercise classes, yoga and to apply for volunteering positions within the local community to gain employment. These are just a few examples.

Feedback from service users have been excellent and they feel that there are so many different aspects to the support.

“My supporter has made me realise I can truly make my life whatever I want it to be and that is the best thing that has happened for a very long time. It has helped me realise that meeting my own needs is important and that I have worth as an individual.” (Quote from Aura service user)

I feel privileged to be in my role in Aura; supporting survivors of domestic abuse in North Lanarkshire and them allowing me to be part of their journey.

Working within Aura has truly been life-changing for me over the past nine months. I feel motivated, passionate, have well and truly got back the confidence and self-esteem that I lost along the way in my previous employment. I feel valued and recognised in my role - so a big thank you to Aura and Sacro for giving me this opportunity.

I would absolutely encourage anyone to apply for a position within Sacro.

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