International Restorative Justice Week: Sacro’s Big Day Workshop

Published on
November 25, 2022
November 25, 2022
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Alan Mairs
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As part of international Restorative Justice Week and to further spread awareness of Restorative Justice in general, Sacro held a Restorative Justice workshop hosted by Restorative Justice Manager, Liam Gale during “Sacro’s Big Day.”

The workshop named “The future is bright, the future is restorative”, was in fact oversubscribed, with those attending the big day looking to be a part of a wider discussion on the topic.

The session itself focused on:

  • A brief introduction to Restorative Justice.
  • The principles surrounding its use.
  • What the future may hold for its use in Scotland.

Those in attendance showed a diverse knowledge surrounding the subject, with some attendee’s having worked within Restorative Justice services for Sacro or other organisations in the past to those that had no knowledge of the subject but wanted to have an insight on the topic. This meant that during an open group discussion there was plenty of insight and new ideas shared between everyone involved.

The overall feedback for the session was very positive with the majority wishing for more time to discuss the subject.

All in all, a successful and well received workshop!

Liam’s presentation was great and it was great to pass on experiences of using RJ to other services.
Very enjoyable and I learnt new information on this topic
I learnt so much. The presenter was very well spoken and explained things very well, he also engaged with the participants so well.

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