Lance Corporal Brodie Gillon

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March 23, 2022
May 26, 2022
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Sacro's Forces of Nature Service is delighted and honoured to accept a donation of £2,000 in the name of the late Lance Corporal Brodie Gillon, a Reservist Combat Medical Technician, Royal Army Medical Corp, of the Scottish and Northern Irish Yeomanry. Brodie was tragically killed aged 26 years, on 11 March 2020 whilst out in Camp Taji, Iraq. Repatriation of Lance Corporal Brodie Gillon | The British Army ( She was serving there as part of Operation SHADER, the British Military’s contribution to multi-coalition training and mentoring of Iraq Security Forces. Brodies sister, Dr Fern Gillon was involved in Sacro services as part of her doctorate studies and knew of Sacro roles in supporting and mentoring veterans of the armed services who are struggling to adjust to civilian life.

Brodies colleagues and friends, Addi, Tylan, Wolsey, Heidi, Mia, Maj Morgan wanted to commemorate her passing in recognition of her heroism, comradeship and her friendship. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, her story was never truly heard or her life celebrated as a result. Her colleagues decided to do a collective run to Taji (Iraq) and back to raise money for a memorial bench to be place in her hometown of Ayr. The additional money raised has been donated to Sacro as a suggestion from her family.

The Gillon family said: "We are overwhelmed by the generous donations made to Brodies Memorial Fund. Exceeding the costs of the bench has allowed us to donate to Sacro to support the important work they do with veterans. Brodie understood and supported veterans organisations as she knew how needed and impactful their work was. As an Army Medic, and Sports Therapist in civilian life, Brodie simply wanted to help people. It brings us comfort that they money raised in her memory will be doing that, as organisations such as Sacro continue to support veterans."

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