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July 12, 2022
July 12, 2022
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Annie Mauger-Thompson
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After two years in my job, I have finally been able to get out and visit teams in their places of work and have longer discussions about what are the challenges, issues stresses and strains that they face working in our sector. At the same time, I am finally getting to meet some of the people we work with and chat to them a little.

Sacro is full of the most positive and helpful people and when you see them at work, you realise that they are like that with absolutely everyone – no matter what their issues are – because of their care and their values. The people we work with in our services are vulnerable; some volatile, some full of contradictions and uncertainty. They are in need of just about every kind of support and many – including those in the criminal justice system – are very often victims themselves.

One particular eye-opener for me is how many of the people we are working with have mental health issues of some kind. Our teams are acknowledging those needs, while at the same time trying to support people onto ‘paths to positive change’; whether that is getting support for an addiction, finding a job or somewhere safe to live. Much of our work is about meeting health and care needs and the basics that we take for granted. These can be the tipping points for people moving away from some of their difficulties and finding a more positive way forward.

When Sacro was an acronym (Scottish Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders), the ‘offender’ word was the one that stuck, and would often be mentioned when I told people where I worked. Now, the word that stands out for me is ‘care’. I see it every day in the people who work for us as they work in a supportive and understanding way with vulnerable people; based on our values of not judging, kindness and respect.

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