Sacro welcomes extension of presumption against short sentences

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May 17, 2019
May 26, 2022
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Sacro regards the proposed extension of the presumption against short-term prison sentences from three to 12 months as a welcome development with the potential to reduce Scotland’s prison population safely and with a greater focus on effective rehabilitation through the use of community sentences.

Commenting on the news, Sacro Chief Executive, Tom Halpin said: “There are too many people in prison whose time there makes little or no difference to reducing the chances of them reoffending. For many, a short spell in prison causes significant disruption to their housing, employment and family situations, leading to even more chaotic and challenging behaviours.

“Sentences served in the community have demonstrably better outcomes, allowing organisations to work more closely with individuals to address the root causes of their behaviour; thus breaking the cycle of reoffending. Community sentences and alternatives to custody such as Bail Supervision can prevent thousands of offenders from becoming trapped in the cycle of reoffending. That means fewer crimes being committed and fewer victims and families having to live with the consequences.

“As an organisation dedicated to safeguarding communities and reducing offending, Sacro regards this as smart justice that positively helps make Scotland a safer place”.

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